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March 29, 2002

I finally got that Evan Ziporyn CD, "This Is Not A Clarinet."  It's fucking awesome!  I love that composition on it "Partial Truths."  I can not wait until he comes to school on April 24th.  And I can't wait to play the composition he wrote for us called "Monkey Forest."  It's a great, but hard peice to play. 

Anyway, I started spring break Wednesday.  I hate being on break, which is an odd thing for a college student to say.  I like being in school.  It keeps me on schedule though.  I can't wait to go back and play in Contemporary Ensemble.  I also get to go to that church the Sunday after I go back.  My History Of Jazz class is going to an African-American Bapist Church to observe one of there services.  It's really long though.  It's from 11:00AM until 1:30PM.  Then after that I have to write a 1 page report on it, explaining how they used blues notes, call and response, ect...  Then April 19th, I have a gig with Lauren at the Aquarium in Riverhead.  We're playing Flute and Violin duets.  This is going to be an interesting last 2 months of the semester.

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