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June 12, 2002

I am in love with Keegan.  It had gotten worse ever since NYSSMA.  All through NYSSMA, I was hugging him taking pictures of him (so was Jenn), putting my head on his shoulder.  I don't think he minded it at all though.  He would have been like, "Can you please stop that."  But no, he would hug me back or touch my head as I hugged him.  Then he had a gig at the Golden Leaf in Bayshore.  He got me in for free, then he hugged me.  Then we talked with Matt and Carri during their 15 minute break.  Then when we were going to leave, Keegan gave me 2 hugs...not one...but 2!  He has another gig at the Village Pub in Port Jeff on Saturday the 22.  It's 18 and older.  And I'm going. 


Now that I'm thinking about NYSSMA again, I'm thinking about Dr. Ryan.  He was so cute those 3 days.  He gave me the biggest hug at the end of Friday night.  I really miss him.  He was really fun to hang out with.  I hope he composes another "Original Brew."