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I Lost A Sock And Other Things...
I Felt His Breath On My Neck


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May 10, 2002

It was time to play Steve Reich's "Drumming."  I stood on stage with 4 other people, two on each side of me.  They began playing on however many sets of tuned bongos.  I just stand there, being hypnotized by the tribal sounds coming from the group.  I then feel a pair of arms move around my waist, and I feel breath on my neck.  And then the kisses...I turned around and it was...him...

Yes...I had a dream about Dr. Ryan.  I can't help it.  I didn't think I would have a dream like that.  I guess it was because I saw him at the choir concert. is also concert week.  My concerts are tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight you'll hear the wonderful sounds of the Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Professor Frank Hansen and the Symphonic Band under the direction of Professor Frank Monastero.  And tomorrow we will also have the Contemporary Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. William Ryan and the Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Professor Frank Monastero.  That's a Boyd introduction.  I'm so excited and so nervous about the concert tonight.  I'm not nervous for Orchestra, but I'm extremely nervous for band.  I've been like that ever since they switched over to gong for "The Inferno."  I'm so nervous, I have the shits.  It's unbelievable.  Tomorrow night should be good though.  We got Todd Reynolds coming back and Micheal Lowernstern will be playing Evan's part for "Monkey Forest."  Also, Dr. Ryan is world premiering one of his new pieces.  I think it's called "Original Blend."  It sounds like coffee or cigarettes.
Anyway, about Boyd again, he called my house last night.  Lauren and I are playing for a memorial.  I don't know who its for.  I don't even know what we are going to play.  The memorial is on Wednesday May 15, 2002.  And I think it's up in the college square.