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May 1, 2002

Can I just tell you what an awesome day I had!!  We premiered "Monkey Forest" today.  It came out fucking awesome.  Evan and Todd signed my music.  I loved listening to Todd play his violin.  He is my inspiration for contemporary string playing.  Dr. Ryan was really pleased with our performance.  Why wouldn't he be?  We sounded so fucking good.  And our performance is going to be on the web.  It will be on

Anyway...they were taking pics of the ensemble, and the last couple that they took I was next to Dr. Ryan.  We had to squeeze really close, so I had my boobs squashed against his back.  I don't think he minded much though.  I caught him looking at my cleavage too today.  I don't care...he could stick his head in my cleavage for all I care.  Just as long as he touches me...