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I Lost A Sock And Other Things...
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April 30, 2002

All I could think about today was sex and fucking Dr. Ryan.  He looked so good today and I'm sure he'll look even better tomorrow at the premiere, dressed all in black.  It'll bring out his blue eyes more.  I bought this really hot black shirt for tomorrow.  It'll have them drueling.  I don't know...You think it's a bad thing to want that?

Well the premiere of "Monkey Forest" is tomorrow.  I can't wait.  It's really weird to be playing at an Open Ears concert.  This is Open Ears XVI.  I'm so excited!!  Right now I'm trying to calm down by listening to Barber's "Adagio For Strings."  It's not really helping me much.  Oh!  I also found out that Dr. Ryan is doing the orchestras at NYSSMA.  That means I'll be working with him.  It sucks though because that'll be the last time I'll probably see him forever.  He's taking leave of absence in the fall and I won't be here next spring.  I can't think about it...