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I Lost A Sock And Other Things...


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April 27, 2002

Well today was a real shitty day at work.  And I really don't feel like going back tomorrow.  But I need to...I really need the money.  But right now I'm just sitting and relaxing, looking at disturbing pics on  They're really gross, so I think I'll get off that site.
Anyway...I'm really horny and all I can think about is Keegan.  I really want to be with him.  He's been so cute with me lately.  He gave me his shirt to wear, and he's constant ly looking for me if I'm not around.  I've also thought about Dr. Ryan and how much he probably hates the string section.  I'm getting everybody together on Monday at 11:00AM.  I think he should make an effort to show up.

"I lost myself inside your tainted smile again."