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April 19, 2002

Today is mine and Lauren's gig at the Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead.  I'm so nervous.  I've never played in this type of situation before.  At least it's only going to be in front of 200+ people.  It won't be like contemporary ensemble where the whole world can watch the premiere of the piece from the web.  I think Lauren and I will do really good.  She doesn't seem to be nervous at all.  Meanwhile, look at me...I'm shitting a brick.  I thought it was funny yesterday though because I have a gig today, Keegan's got a gig on Saturday, and another music major supposedly has a gig on Sunday.

Speaking of Keegan, I had a really weird dream about him last night.  I had a dream that he was walking me to the bus stop at school.  He then gave me a hug and we kissed.  We kept kissing, and all of a sudden he was like "My have to kiss my hand."  I looked at him weird then I smiled and kissed his hand.  Then when I got on the S63 to Patchogue, it went the wrong way.  I don't know what this all means.  Keegan and I have been really buddy-buddy for the past couple of weeks.  And I really like him again, and I don't know if that's a good thing.  Well, if anyone can tell me about this dream, I think I would love you forever...

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