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April 16, 2002

Yes, it's true...Dr. Ryan likes boobies.  He was talking to me in the music office today and he was staring at my chest the whole time.  I didn't mind though.  He's good looking.  He had askied me if all the strings showed up for string sectional.  I told him yeah and he gave me this look.  So I asked him why are you looking at me like that?  He was just like really, everyone showed up.  Yes.  Everyone but Lisa.  

The whole day was weird.  The Queens College Contemporary Ensemble came to the college and played.  They were awesome.  I think I'm going to join the ensemble when I transfer to Queens.  Evan Ziporyn is coming next week.  I can't wait.  He'll be performing some of his works, then afterward, he'll be working with the ensemble.  I'm actually liking "Monkey Forest."  And I think I'mm really begining to hate orchestra.   

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